Brookers Cottage, Hampshire

This was a complete refurbishment and extension undertaken by T.J.Lowery Building and Renovations Ltd. A former farmer’s cottage located out in rural Hampshire this early 18thcentury property presented many challenges that would of even have concerned the most experienced of builders.

One of the many challenges revolved around our intention to keep the only two original 18th century walls. In order to do this so as not to disturb these period walls, we first built the new structure around the existing house. Once the new roof was then erected it effectively tied in and stabilised the existing walls. Only at this point could demolition be undertaken in a safe manner, with minimal risk of collapse ensuring these walls are maintained.

The materials and techniques used throughout this contract are very much akin to the period of this dwelling from the English bonded brickwork bedded in chalk lime mortar to the tusk Tenon jointed oak trimmer around the staircase.