St Johns Swimming Pool

T.J.Lowery (Sub-Contractors)Ltd were an instrumental part in creating this amazing space for an indoor swimming pool complete with some impressive glulam trusses which were installed by some of our most experienced carpenters. With glulam becoming an ever more popular choice of material for both Architects and Clients in providing a buildings structure, due to its ascetically pleasing charm in providing occupants with a warm comfortable and inspiring environment as well as having a greater structural integrity than some steels, carpentry subcontracting firms familiar with such expertise, of which there are still relatively few, will become increasingly in demand. Therefore, any Main Contractor who is embarking on a project with such a specification and decides to choose us as the nominated carpentry subcontractor can be reassured due to our proven track record in this field that we are able to deliver.

Other works included a range of first & second fix items as well as exterior timber cladding surrounding the Main Entrance and accredited fire door installations.