Fire Door Accreditation & Fire Door Surveys

What We Do

The correct specification and installation of any fire door together with that of the internal walls plays an instrumental role in providing passive fire protection by containing an outbreak of fire to a specific compartment or room thereby allowing the occupants time to escape and preventing loss of life.

Containment of fire and fumes also allows time for the emergency services to enter the premises and extinguish the fire. For many years the integrity of fire doors and their installation has been undermined with unsatisfactory self-testing conducted by the door manufactures themselves and sub-standard fitting that goes un-checked. In recent years the subject of fire containment has become ever more prevalent and the demand for third party recognised fire door testing and installation certification has increased dramatically in the pursuit for higher standards in fire safety.

We at T.J.Lowery (Sub-Contractors.)Ltd believe this is a path the construction industry and indeed the future of the Building Regulations will follow and consequently have committed ourselves to the EXOVA BM TRADA Q Mark Fire Door Installer  Certification Scheme of which we are now a fully registered member.

Where specified, all door sets fitted by us, providing they are listed on the BWE register of certified doors, will be audited by a member of EXOVA on completion to ensure they are compliant. Once compliance has been confirmed the doors and frames will be plugged accordingly providing the client with additional reassurance that the installation is to the highest possible standard